FAQ -  frequently asked questions


How much starting equity balance should I need?

You can start with a few hundred dollars but a few thousand makes it more worthwhile.


Which broker to use?

Look for retail brokers that pay high interest, can let you trade with 400:1 leverage “if possible”, a mini account that can trade micro lots if you are starting small. IBFX will do. A 200:1 leverage account will also do.


Which currencies pairs to hedge? 

We prefer eur/usd hedge against usd/chf. They are the safest to trade. The other one is the 4 cross pairs hedge, this can be use for long term trades.


How much interest can earned?

Currently at least 20% pa is likely and 50% or more is possible at higher risk levels. Rates varies between brokers.


How long will the trade last?

It is up to you - a few days, months or years if you want, with no commitment up front. As long as you see that your profit increased to your satisfaction amount. You can close all the positions.


Can we reverse the hedge? 

Yes, we are doing it, but be very careful as it is risky. Use only 20% or 10% of the lots you usually use on the long positions. i.e. if you usually use 10% risk margin (sample 10 lots) in your long positions, if you go short, just you 20% of that 10%., that's 2 lots for short positions.


If ever there is an upgraded version, do I still have to pay again? 

No, after your first purchase, all the succeeding versions, updates, strategy development will be sent to you free of charge.


Do you have demo version?

Yes, just send a demo request email to support@truenorthfx.com and we will send you a 30 days trial version.


Can you show me how the hedge calculator looks like?  

Click the link http://www.freewebs.com/truenorthfx/thelook.htm  ,The actual hedge calculator is more cleaner to look at.


What are the advantages of using this calculator compare to others?  

The calculator file will get data feeds directly from your MT4 broker's platform, drop down options will eliminate the hassle of manually typing in values. There's also trading session clock. And much more, a user friendly hedge strategy calculator.


What is the probable net return for 1 month?  

For conservative settings, 30% to 100% net return is achievable. For aggressive settings, 300% to 400%  is possible. And it is depends on market conditions.


Do you have EA (expert advisor) for your system?  

Yes, we are giving it away for free.


Can we distribute the calculator? 

No, each copy has its own encrypt code. Illegal distribution, modifying without our consent, re-selling to third party is a serious offense, You will no longer be able to receive any updated version in the future. We will also file a report to The Internet Crime Complaint Center  http://www.ic3.gov/ . We are constantly monitoring the file with www.readnotify.com service.


How much does it cost for the hedge calculator? 

A one time payment of  US$199.


How to pay for it?

Please refer to the Products & Services page to use the payment buttons, or simply email our sales department for more info. 


What payment mode can we use? 

We accept PayPal, Bank Wire, E-Gold, Liberty Reserve, debit card and credit card payments.

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